Thursday, 28 May 2015

Robot Photo Traffipax TraffiPhot III-G Red Light Traffic Enforcement Camera

In this video i do 90% teardown of a Robot Foto Traffipax TraffiPhot III-G Red Light traffic enforcement camera.

Used to enforce traffic lights throughout the world this is a common unit used by many countries.

At the top of the unit is the camera assembly, this is a SLR style body specifically designed for automated photography manufactured by Robot Foto, it has automatic exposure and motor drive along with data imprinting that allows the offending details (time, date, speed etc) to be recorded onto the film. Adjacent to that is a switched mode power supply with 5 and 12v.

There is a section of plug-in cards to control the machine, these are the loop interface card, display and control panel and five other cards that control the rest of the functions.

In the base of the unit is the flash power supply and flash tube.

A full video teardown can be seen on my YouTube Channel: