Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Dunstable Downs Radio Club Bootsale 2015

Recently on the EEVblog forum there was discussion between several members having an electronics clear out at the Dunstable Downs Radio Club Bootsale.

The bootsale was located at Stockwood Park, near Luton, UK and is organised by the Dunstable Downs Radio Club so the mood was aimed more at the amateur radio sector but was applicable to anyone interested in electrical and electronic items.

The bootsale was predominately private individuals having a clear out with some traders also selling items. There was a huge variaty of items for sale from vintage consumer items like valve radios, ex military radio, amateur radio, general electronics and test / measurement equipment.

I picked up a few items, days like these are perfect for picking up small items that can be costly to buy mail order, so had a handful of BNC plugs and sockets, some small tools like tweezers.

One of the sellers had several high wattage power resistors mounted on large heatsinks, oviously out of some big dummy load setup so bagged the biggest one which consisted of 4x R2R 200W, 2x 1R 200W, 2x 10R 200W. The whole thing weighed about 10kg. I am sure these will prove useful at some point.