Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Radiation Anomaly A49 Warrington

On Monday 7th June i was on my way to collect my latest teardown project from my favourite ebay seller. It's a short trip along the M56 and onto the A49 Tarporley Road outside Warrington.

Of course i had my Ludlum radiation meter with me (doesn't everyone always have theirs with them!?) as i drove i heard my Ludlum suddenly start to click away much more than before then calm down after a few seconds.

On my drive back i had the same thing happen at the same point so turned around and went past several times to verify.

The next day i went back and took video...

The clip below shows me driving past the area in question, turning around and going past in the other direction.

The inset gauge is my Ludlum with my very sensitive scintillation probe, typically i would expect to see between 700 and 2500 CPM background radiation depending on where i am. On this journey it was showing between 1000 and 2000 CPM.

When i pass through this particular area it quickly rises to about 3800 CPM and then dies away after a few seconds. It seems to be higher on the return just as i pass Brookside Fisheries.

Most likely this is just some mineral deposit giving this area slightly higher background. It is completely normal to find patches but does depend where you are. The South West of the UK is well known for this, but less so for the North West particularly in this area around Manchester, Warrington, Crewe & Macclesfield etc.