Sunday, 17 April 2016

Teardown: Sony BVW-75P Betacam SP VCR

In this video i teardown a Sony BVW-75P Betacam SP video recorder & edit deck. The Betacam SP format dates from 1986 but this machine is slightly later and dates from 1988.

The Betacam format, introduced in 1982 is an evolution of the consumer Betamax video tape format that was introduced in 1975 and was aimed squarely at professionals and the broadcast industry.

This BVW-75P is a PAL version Betcam SP edit deck, with playback, record and editing functions.

The Betacam SP format has 340 lines of resolution with 4.5Mhz of Luminance and 1.5Mhz of Chrominance video bandwidth.

The system also uses a mechanism called Dynamic Tracking, which is to allow accurate tracking of the video tape signal using Piezoelectric elements which move the video heads vertically in real time to match the tracking of the video tape it's playing.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3