Friday, 17 April 2015

New Keysight Agilent U3401A Bench Multimeter

I recently purchased a new multimeter for use in the lab. I have two handheld digital multimeters but having a bench meter would work for me quite well to save me from reaching for the handheld and finding space for it when i'm working on something.

The Keysight U3401A is a budget / entry level 4 1/2 digit DMM from Keysight, although lacking in some features it will be fine for my needs and even this entry level offers me some technical advantages over my handheld meters. Most notably; higher voltage (upto 1.2kV) and current ranges (upto 20A), greater accuracy and resolution across the board. Voltage is 0.02%+4, current 0.05%+4 or 5 depending on range, resistance 0.1%+3 or 6 depending on range.

The Keysight U3401A was purchased through a member of the EEVblog forum for exactly £200.00 including shipping, as a customer return from Element14. The unit is within calibration and under manufacturers warranty, even the test leads had not been opened. Of course this was a one-off deal.

The new Keysight U3401A DMM sat on top of my two Hewlett Packard 6632B DC Power Supplies (aka Agilent then Keysight!) next to my faithful Xytronic LF-1000 soldering station.

My current two meters are:

Sinometer / Mastech MAS-343 with tape to prevent changes because this is 
exclusively connected and used with my Testec HVP-40 high voltage probe.

Fluke 107, a budget meter aimed at the Asian markets. It's a great value meter and one i would highly recommend to beginners who need something reasonably priced but built well and one that meets it's safety specifications.