Sunday, 22 March 2015

Packard 1000 TR Liquid Scintillation Analyser - Lead Removal

So the first thing i needed to do with this analyser is to remove the lead shielding so i can move it into somewhere i can take a look properly at the guts and see how this machine actually works.

Thankfully only a couple of things needed to be removed to access the lead shielding.

You can see the large sections of lead shielding, with a sample loading mechanism mounted on top.

Thankfully the transport mechanism simply pulls off. There are two convenient threaded inserts to remove the top block. The part poking out is part of the sample loading mechanism.

Once the centre block has been removed the others can simply be lifted out.

I am not sure exactly where the Barium 133 source is located inside the loading mechanism but there is definitely something in there somewhere.

All the lead removed and the reaction chamber re-assembled. There was a total of 80Kg of lead removed.