Teardown Video Archive 2014

Complete archive of teardown videos from 2014.

Sony WX-5500MDX Car Stereo.
A Japanese market (JDM) car stereo with radio, CD & MiniDisc.

Palflash 500.
A nanosecond flash light source using 10kV air gap spark.

Sharp Video Camera Viewfinder.
The complete viewfinder from the Sharp VL-M4 camera.

Sharp VL-M4 1990s Video Camera.
A cheap consumer video8 camera.

Russian ID-1 Dosimeter Charger.
Peizoelectric charger for the ID-1 Dosimeter Pens as used in the Soviet Union.

Orbisphere Labs 2460 Dissolved Oxygen Meter.
Apparently used in a local brewery!

Small personal distress radiobeacon.

Russian ID-1 Dosimeter Pen.
Personal radiation monitor used in the Soviet Union.

Radiac Survey Meter No2.
An environmental radiation meter used during the cold war in the UK.

BT Tester 301B.
This is a time domain reflectometer for finding faults in telephone cables.

Small video camera viewfinder using a miniature CRT.